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PiKoder Android apps overview

PiKoder Bluetooth R/C

The "picCAR" App turns an Android-Tablet or Smartphone with Bluetooth into an R/C transmitter.

The app is based on the Cxem Car 1 Open Source Projekt, which has been extended to interface with a PiKoder/SSC. The picCar app is open source and released under a GNU General Public License Version 3. The picCAR app can be installed via the Play Store. The source code is provided through github.

PiKoder WLAN R/C

The "udpRC" App turns an Android smart device into a feature rich eight channel R/C transmitter. Using the device's build-in WLAN module typically provides for a control range of up to a few hundert feet.


The "udpRC" App turns an Android device into an R/C transmitter for a rover with an Ardupilot Mega (UGV).

The app extends the proven user interface of the udpRC App with the additional elements and functions needed to interface with the Ardupilot Mega in a rover such as the selection of the flight mode.

PiKoder smartphone servo tester

The "btServoTester" App and a PiKoder/SSC RX receiver turn your Android Smart Device into an R/C servo tester.

The btServoTester app is available free of charge in the Play Store.


PiKoder/SSC RX bluetooth receiver kit

PiKoder/SSC wRX wlan receiver kit
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